Felicity Sibindi - HagueTalks

As a typical NGO worker, I find myself stuck in traffic in a faraway land. It’s midday in Nairobi, the traffic is jam packed tighter than my suitcase at Christmas. The taxi driver is humming along to a catchy tune and it would be great except for my rising stress levels because I’m about to be late for my meeting. Out of nowhere comes this brightly coloured beast of a vehicle, a matatu, loud and proud – speakers on full blast, it cut right in front of the taxi.That was the moment it came to me we need to flip the script – give voice to the youth in the matatu and not the suits in the taxi.

Felicity Sibindi works with youth led organizations, amplifying the voices of young people to speak out on issues that affect them in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. Hear how digital data for advocacy can align the voices of young people to transform governance agendas and meet the needs of local communities.